John Hersey

Businessman, Speaker Author and Management Coach

Hersey, John

Businessman, Speaker Author and Management Coach
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About John Hersey

Thirty years as a successful corporate leader and entrepreneur have given John Hersey a unique perspective on human behavior, leadership, motivation and change.

This foundation allows him to offer speaking, coaching and consulting programs that are rich with content and packed with actionable fresh insights. He knows about leadership because that is exactly what he has done throughout his career-lead organizations and teams.

At the age of 28, John was Vice President of Marketing for a $1 Billion Bank.

By 34, he was Senior Vice President for one of the top advertising agencies in the country. He managed major advertising brands in the footwear, retail, consumer product, insurance and financial service sectors with collective media budgets in excess of $30 Million.

John led the team that helped Stanley Tools become an international household name and the brand of choice for millions worldwide.

He co-founded The Hersey Custom Shoe Company , included in The Best of The Best and rated by Runners World Magazine as the best new shoe for 1982 and 1983.

He founded BBH International, a distribution company with operations in the U.S. and 10 foreign countries.

He was Director of Worldwide Marketing for a Nutrition Company operating in six countries.

He spearheaded the creation of Buyers Online, a publicly traded telecommunications company.

John is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst. He brings his expertise regarding the impact of behavior on communication, sales and leadership to every program and event.

John is the featured Leadership Columnist for the Phoenix Business Journal.

He is the author of “Finding and Keeping Great Leaders – CEO’s Explain How Corporate Culture Shapes Potential Leaders”.

John is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Creating Contagious Leadership”.

John is the past President of the National Speakers Association Arizona Chapter.

As Volunteers and Philanthropists, John and his wife, Beverly Belury, actively support the McKenzie Monks Foundation, which helps kids cope with cancer, Junior Achievement, The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale, where serves as a speech mentor to the Youth of the Year contenders.

John is certified in TriMetrix, an advanced position benchmarking and talent management tool.

Being a Unforgettable Leader! Get the Edge on the Competition

Being ordinary is dangerous, frustrating and risky. Success is about being unforgettable. This is John’s most popular keynote presentation. In it, John demonstrates how to be unforgettable through the use of his Franco’s Bella, Bella, Bella story, The Big Bank Blunder, his 3-pronged formula for being UNFORGETTABLE and more. These serve to illuminate the tremendous cost to your organization for being ordinary, the importance of following a proven and tested process, how to build relationships that lead to increased results, how changing your perspective can lead to Massive Innovations that enable organizations just like yours to Dominate Their Competition… and do all of this while having fun. This program will not only challenge your group to become unforgettable, but ignite them to assume the role of a world-class leader and to inspire others to exceed their self-imposed limitations.

Speak and Be Heard! Unlock the Door of Communication and Productivity with Anybody, Anywhere

Leaders are NOT born… they’re MADE. True leaders know exactly how to communicate. In this highly interactive keynote address, John enhances your audience’s leadership skills by demonstrating the proven communication methods that: help them understand and gain a deeper insight into their own communication style, learn the secrets to quickly recognizing the preferred communication style of others and how they can immediately adapt their style to “match and mirror” the other person to produce instant results. Individuals will sharpen their leadership skills to drive results, learn to leverage their natural strengths and develop strategies to reduce conflict.

Creating Contagious Leadership! How to Have a Company Rich with Leaders

What do Apple Computer, Southwest Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Starbucks and EBay all have in common? The answer…“contagious leadership.” So where does your organization fall? Through John’s expert delivery style, he will infuse your audience with a renewed sense of commitment, excitement and possibility by challenging each person to practice the habits of contagious leadership. Once embraced, these habits spread like enthusiastic laughter from one person to another, producing an environment rich with leaders. Your audience will emerge with renewed focus, a sense of involvement and the drive to produce increased results. Optimism and creativity are unleashed, teamwork is strengthened, productivity is increased and attrition is diminished.


“A critical outcome of the meeting was to inspire and prepare our leaders to embark upon a number of aggressive goals for 2005. Your speech played a role in helping us achieve that outcome.”
– Michael D. Miller, President, Scottsdale Insurance Company

“You delivered an excellent address that was both informative and entertaining and I would call on you again quickly if I were looking for someone to address a key topic that concerns us all: leadership.”
– Don Henniger, Publisher, The Business Journal

“John’s approach was very effective across our Region. His message is simple, he delivers it very well and he brings a fresh perspective on how to approach your business, regardless of what that business is.”
– Tim Disbrow, VP, Region Manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“Thanks for a great presentation – it was truly the hit of our sales training session. Your energy, enthusiasm and content were fabulous.”
– Kevin Hickey, President ‘ CEO, NETPRO Computing, Inc.

“In this day and age in which we are bombarded with information, it is increasingly difficult to deliver a captivating and compelling message that stands out amidst the white noise. Your presentation stood out as the highlight of our meeting.”
– Mario DiBlasi, President

“During my career with IBM,AT’T, and DSI, I have had the opportunity to watch dozens of well-known, top-flight speakers in action. I must admit, however, that I have not seen a higher IMPACT performance on an audience than John’s.”
– Bill Conwell, Senior VP, Data Systems International