About Us

Dynamic Speakers Bureau has been providing speakers and trainers to events worldwide for over 20 years.

We focus exclusively on the corporate and association market, giving us superior knowledge of which presenters are ideal for programs such as sales conferences, management retreats and annual events.

We’ve been proud to help make events of all types and sizes memorable by providing high impact speakers of every distinction, from authors and motivators to sports and political celebrities.

The majority of our clients work with us year after year.  We strive to be an invaluable planning partner and take great pride when contributing to the success of a conference.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can be of service.

Fee Code Key

Fee Code 1: $7,500 or less

Fee Code 2: $7,501 to $12,500

Fee Code 3: $12,501 to $20,000

Fee Code 4: over $20,000

As speakers fees often change, and can vary based on the location of your event and the length of a speakers program, the fees listed here should be used as a guideline and are not guaranteed.

Please contact our office for an accurate fee quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for the perfect speaker for my event.
Where do I begin?

No two events are the same.  Your audience demographics, objectives, budget and a number of other factors come into play when selecting from the thousands of speakers options.  You can get a general idea of who is available by browsing our website, but to get the best speaker for your program it’s ideal to consult with us. We’ll discuss your goals and provide custom recommendations that match your criteria.

There is no obligation and never a cost to consult with us.

I’m interested in a topic or speaker not listed on your site.
Can you help me?

On our website we highlight a number of the most in-demand speakers available, along with many of the most frequently sought topics.  But it is far from a complete list of who we work with.  Perhaps you are looking for a unique topic or a particular expert in your industry.  No matter what your need we can almost certainly be of service.

Will I be able to speak with a presenter before I book
him or her?

In most cases, yes. We are happy to arrange a conference call with a potential speaker to discuss your goals and expectations.

Can I audio or video tape the presentation?

Many speakers allow taping at no additional charge. Some do not wish to be taped or will charge an extra fee.  Please let us know if you would like to record the presentation.  We will advise if your speaker has any requirements.

What if my speaker has to cancel because of an emergency?

Dynamic Speakers has an excellent track record of getting our speakers where they need to be when they need to be there, so thankfully cancellations are rare.  When unavoidable emergencies arise we take action immediately to provide a comparable replacement speaker. With access to thousands of great speakers and a solid web of relationships with agents throughout North America, we can take the stress out of a last-minute cancellation.

What if I need to reach Dynamic Speakers in an emergency?

Your program consultant is always available to help you. Personal cell phone numbers are given so that you can be in touch with us if anything needs urgent attention.

Do I pay more for using a speaker’s bureau?

A: In most instances, speakers pay bureaus a commission on their fee. This means you can enjoy free consulting service, independent recommendations and a high level of event coordination at no additional cost to you.

Can I invite the speaker to an activity surrounding the event? (such as a dinner or meet and greet)?

Generally, most speakers are willing to attend activities beyond their presentation, but this varies with each speaker. All arrangements and requests for extra activities (such as photo-ops and receptions) should be arranged in advance during the initial offer. We are happy to help you find solutions that fit your event needs.

Who books the speaker’s travel arrangements?

Although this may vary, most speakers prefer to personally handle their travel arrangements. Dynamic Speakers will provide you, prior to the engagement date, the presenter’s final (detailed) travel itinerary and all other pertinent information.

Can we book speakers for a webinar through
Dynamic Speakers?

Yes. Webinars are one of our specialties.  Speakers that excel at webinars have a certain style and skill set that thrives in an online format.  We’ll provide you with solid options to meet your topic and objectives.

I’m interested in being represented by Dynamic Speakers.
What should I do?

We welcome speakers seeking representation to submit materials for review.  Due to the amount of inquiries we receive we request that you please email rather than call. Please send your bio, topics, preview video and fee requirements to service@dynamicspeakers.com.