Marci Rossell

Former Chief Economist for CNBC

Rossell, Marci

Former Chief Economist for CNBC
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About Marci Rossell

A leading expert at the nexus of economics, policy and media, Dr. Marci Rossell delivers thought-provoking insight on a range of financial topics, including the implications and effects of industry regulatory pressure, financial reporting requirements and GDP growth. Dr. Rossell dissects the various economic factors at work, to provide a thorough analysis on the current business climate and what it may hold for your clients’ portfolio.

The Senior Economic Advisor for Delphin Investments, Dr. Rossell conducts analysis that provides insight into global economic and political developments, with investment research across equities, fixed income, currencies, and commodities. Previously, as the Chief Economist for CNBC, she appeared every morning on the network’s flagship program, “Squawk Box,” covering the economy, the Federal Reserve and the bond market. Dr. Rossell’s resume also includes serving as Corporate Economist and Investment Spokesperson for Oppenheimer Funds, Inc., a litigation consultant for Deloitte & Touche, LLP, and an economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas—all of which she accomplished by age 32.

Dr. Rossell earned her PhD in economics from Southern Methodist University, where she was named “Young Alumni of the Year” in 2002.

With a communication style that allows her to effectively translate complex information, Dr. Rossell makes important issues accessible for all audiences. As she breaks down the decisions and events that contributed to our evolving economic environment, she outlines the likely effects and implications of today’s trends and issues, her economic outlook, and strategies and solutions for organizations to effectively map out their successful financial futures.

Economic Forecast for 2017: A Roadmap for Businesses in the Trump Era

One of the most-trusted names in financial reporting, Dr. Rossell breaks down America’s current financial future as well as our place within the global economy. Looking at how we got here (including an overview of post-Recession global growth), what businesses can expect from a Trump administration, and what priorities organizations need to focus on in both the short and long-term, Dr. Rossell provides an essential roadmap for executives and consumers alike. She covers a range of essential topics including: Fed rate hikes, the renegotiation of trade deals, shifts in global currency, and government regulations.

The Stock Market, the Investor, and the Media

A former Wall Street economist and the former CNBC Chief Economist and co-host of Squawk Box, Dr. Rossell is uniquely positioned to discuss the ins and outs of the media’s relationship with the economy. Looking at the way public figures and journalism influences buying power, investor behavior, and consumer confidence, Dr. Rossell’s forward-looking talk pulls back the curtain on this fascinating phenomenon and offers a preview of what’s to come in our increasingly social-media-reliant world.

The New Corporate Citizen: Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, and Accountable Capitalism

Can capitalism survive the 21st century? With this talk, Dr. Rossell looks at the shortcomings of the current economic system as well as the rapid growth of movements that challenge a capitalism worldview. She considers who is to responsible for the growing public distrust of economic institutions as well as how financial crises can be prevented in the future.

Post-Recession Global Growth

Join Dr. Marci Rossell as she explains what has caused a dismal post-Recession global growth, which major players are driving (or slowing) economic growth on a large scale, and where the next major expansion is being driven. With the global economy at a pivot point, she looks at the implications of China and India’s new roles on the world stage, the rise of Millennials, and the emergence of cheap energy, among other factors.


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