Alan Parisse

Helping Leaders Advise. Helping Advisors Lead

Parisse, Alan

Helping Leaders Advise. Helping Advisors Lead
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About Alan Parisse

Alan made his first million in his early twenties. By his late twenties, he’d lost it.

To rebuild his bank account and career, Alan helped Cigna, NY Life and other companies bring non-traditional products to market. He was instrumental in the creation, marketing and sales of investments that in today’s dollars would be valued in the billions.

Alan’s real-world experience leveraging client relationships to prosper and lead through cycles of change in competitive environments is what sets him apart from the field. It’s this boots in the trenches experience that is at the core of every presentation Alan delivers.

Alan Parisse specializes in 2 areas:

#1 Client Relationships: Helping financial services professionals attain success by growing revenue through client relationships. Alan’s audiences gain new ideas and practical tools to achieve a competitive advantage by advancing and monetizing their existing client relationships and creating new ones.

#2 Leading through Change: Helping leaders to lead through challenge, change and adversity. Alan’s audiences gain an understanding of the new sources of leadership – the game changers that impact influence. His unique insights and ideas are immediately actionable by audiences.

The first speaker to come out of the investment business to be inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame, Alan’s ideas have been quoted in numerous business publications, including: The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and Barron’s.

Thriving In Turbulent Times

Thriving in turbulent times starts with an understanding that the problems we make are almost always worse than the problems we have. Our reaction to problems frequently creates more difficulty than the underlying problems themselves.

The Great Salesperson

Some people say ‘people are people and selling hasn’t changed’. But it has. Technology has transformed manufacturing, finance and distribution. Now is the time to reinvent selling.

Shift Into High Gear

Ride a bicycle downhill long enough and we think we’re great athletes. Then we hit an uphill and realize we’re out of shape. So we put it in low gear and plod up the hill. Do what bicycle racers do. They stay in low for most of a hill, but before the winners reach the top, they shift into high, pop out of their saddles and pump hard. That’s how you win the race.

Questions Great Financial advisors Ask…

QUESTION #180: Do you know what you should do? It’s the questions you ask, not the presentations you make, that spell long-term success for advisors and clients alike. Advisors who ask the right questions, listen to the answers and use their clients’ success as their own measure of achievement will: dramatically boost money under management, significantly increase average account size and create clients for life who eagerly refer others. Ask the right questions and gain clients for life!

The New Face of Leader

The traditional sources of power have disappeared or diminished. Today’s leaders must re-evaluate their style and master new sources of influence. Lasting success will come to those leaders who inspire new ways of thinking, being and acting.


“After taking an informal poll of sales managers and sales professionals, simply put, you were awesome! Your ideas, messages and lessons were immediate takeaways that could be put into practice immediately.”

“What a wonderful job Alan did. Many people say he was the best speaker they’d heard during their 20+ year P’G careers.”
– Proctor & Gamble

“An audience of 450 presidents was tough to please, but you did it easily. They especially appreciated the way you customized the presentation to fit our industry.”
– International Foodservice Manufacturing Association

“Alan was amazing – weaving together history, humor and current scenarios. People have been talking about his presentation for months. It touched everyone intellectually and emotionally.”
– AT&T

“You hit the mark in every area. Your unique ability to bring the audience in and have them relate to your message is unparalleled. Your research on our organization certainly paid off.”
– Unisys Corporation

“Alan displays superb delivery, material, humor and audience sensitivity, but his ability to relate to our audiences was based on their assessment that he had been there, done it and understands.”
– Agrium, Inc.