Peg Neuhauser

Building a Corporate Culture for the Connected Workplace

Neuhauser, Peg

Building a Corporate Culture for the Connected Workplace
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About Peg Neuhauser

Peg Neuhauser is a management and organizational consultant, specializing in the areas of conflict management, organizational culture, avoiding burnout. In 1984, she established her own company and works with clients in many industries including health care, high tech, finance, and publishing.

As a speaker and consultant, she offers practical tips for action to create a more innovative and adaptive organization.  Her focus is on increasing collaboration in cross-functional teams, improving relationships among work colleagues, avoiding burnout, and strengthening the organization’s culture to focus on its goals more effectively.  Her stories, case examples, and humor illustrate each idea in a way that is both entertaining and easy to remember.  In addition to speaking and consulting, Peg facilitates meetings and retreats for both board and management groups.

Ms. Neuhauser completed studies in the United States and England with an M.A. in psychology and undergraduate work in sociology.  Prior to starting her business, she worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and as an internal consultant for Hospital Corporation of America developing services and programs for both corporate and hospital clients.  In addition to working as a designer, trainer and consultant, she also managed financial systems conversions that involved training and consultation in the technical and accounting divisions.

Ms. Neuhauser has worked with both for-profit and not-for-profit clients including AARP, Oracle, ASAE, Eli Lilly, Notre Dame, Texas Instruments, General Mills, American Heart Assn, IBM, Abbott Labs, and Hewlett-Packard.  She is the author of four books:

  • Tribal Warfare in Organizations
  • Corporate Legends & Lore, The Power of Stories as a Management Tool
  • Building Corporate Culture in the Connected Workplace
  • I Should be Burnt Out by Now, So How Come I’m Not?

Building Bridges Among the Tribes in Your Organization

This presentation is based on Peg Neuhauser’s book Tribal Warfare in Organizations.   It takes a humorous and entertaining look at turf battles between departmental and professional groups in organizations . . . IT, HR, laywers, paralegals and all the rest of the tribes in the legal profession.  Neuhauser offers practical tips on the do’s and don’ts of tribal communication. The goal is to produce more effective collaboration and problem solving that makes life easier for everyone and provides service to customers.

I Should Be Burned Out by Now . . . So How Come I’m Not? 

Everyone’s work life has been affected by this era of uncertainty. The world we are living in today operates at a much faster pace than a decade ago. In this presentation, Peg C. Neuhauser provides dozens of practical tips for coping with one of the most serious dangers of the high speed, uncertain world of work—burnout.  Peg covers three areas where actions can be taken to reduce burnout in your organization: corporate culture strategies, leadership actions, and personal tips.  In this interactive and entertaining presentation, Neuhauser will discuss ideas with the audience and tell stories about how people are surviving and even thriving in this era of uncertainty.

Building a Corporate Culture that Helps Your Organization Succeed 

There is no one “right” culture for all organizations.  The right culture is the one that helps you succeed in accomplishing your goals.  If your company’s goals have change, you probably need to change your culture.  These days many organizations are making substantial changes  in their business strategies to become more customer-driven, more results oriented, or more innovative.  Peg Neuhauser’s presentation offers practical tips for how to build and maintain your corporate culture  to succeed in today’s world. Neuhauser has written three books on corporate culture:, Tribal Warfare in Organizations, Corporate Legends and Lore.

Retaining Your Best Employees . . . Is Your Corporate Culture Helping or Hurting?

One of the biggest challenges in organizations these days is recruitment and retention of talented employees.

Talent Shortage:  Manpower surveyed 33,000 employers across 33 countries in 2006.  40% of employers worldwide are having difficulty filling positions due to the lack of suitable talent available in their markets.  81% expect the problem to get worse in the coming years.

Employee Turnover:  In current surveys, 39% of U.S employees indicated that they are considering actively seeking a new job in 2007.  And two-thirds of employed U.S. working adults indicated they are open to changing jobs if an opportunity presents itself.

One of your most effective tools to combat turnover is a strong corporate culture that creates a compelling place to work.  Peg Neuhauser will give you practical, down-to-earth advice about how to build a high-retention workplace culture.


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