Alden Mills

Former Navy SEAL, Founder & CEO - Perfect Fitness Magazine

Mills, Alden

Former Navy SEAL, Founder & CEO - Perfect Fitness Magazine
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About Alden Mills

This former Navy SEAL – a three-time platoon commander – has been awarded more than 40 patents. Alden’s products have sold over 10 million units worldwide including The Perfect Pushup, which you can likely find at your gym. You’ve probably seen some of Alden’s #1 ranked infomercials.

The company Alden founded, and led to spectacular growth, is called Perfect Fitness.INC Magazine recognized it as the fastest growing consumer products business from 2007 to 2009, thanks to its astounding 12,000%+ growth rate. Alden took it from $500k to over $63M in three short years.

This is more remarkable when you learn about Alden’s roots.

He spent his early years as an uncoordinated, asthmatic. But Alden persevered – and became a one-time Olympic rowing hopeful, a stand-out leader at the US Naval Academy, a #1 ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander, a successful entrepreneur, then CEO of a fast-growing company.

Altogether, Alden has over 25 years of high-performance leadership and team-building – thanks to his time in the military then in business.

You’ll find some of his lessons learned in Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything.

But you’ll hear some of his lessons learned in his keynotes: Alden is also a high-performance keynote speaker. He has been called the modern-day “Zig Ziglar” because of his magnetic presence. His riveting story-telling. And his innovative teaching approach. Alden’s Unstoppable keynotes are transformative — and scalable to organizations who want more continuous improvement from their leaders and teams.

Be Unstoppable

3 Keys to Optimal Performance

In this high-energy speech, Alden shares the framework that generated his greatest outcomes–including Inc. magazine recognizing his consumer goods startup as the 4th fastest growing company in 2009. To better set and achieve goals, audiences take away Alden’s Unstoppable Performance framework and Outcome Account tool.

Unstoppable Teams

Lead Like A Navy SEAL

In today’s high-stakes world, there’s no greater challenge than galvanizing your team to deliver more. Through surprising stories and unexpected lessons as a #1 ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander, Alden demonstrates how to use his 4 pillars to lead Unstoppable teams. Audiences walk away with 2 tools for Monday morning—Alden’s C.A.R.E.-based leadership framework and his Readiness Checklist.

Unstoppable Sales

Your New Path to Winning

Why can some people sell anything while others struggle to hit a quota? Care. Great sales people consistently show their customers how much they care. Audiences get 5 Stages of Selling — a process-driven framework he developed from 25 years selling software, SEAL missions, and over 10 million units of his inventions. His easy-to-implement “story-selling” approach can boost sales to your highest levels.


“He nailed it. A powerful message blended with fascinating stories plus our mission to our customers and partners.”
– Acumatica

“Alden ROCKS! Finally a speaker who has ‘walked his talk.’ We will hire him again.”
– Lustre-Cal Corporation

“Exactly what we needed. Alden made a difference in our lives!”
– Select Comfort