Victoria Labalme

Communicate. Connect. Come Alive.

Labalme, Victoria

Communicate. Connect. Come Alive.
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About Victoria Labalme

International Performing Artist and Communications Catalyst Victoria Labalme brings 20 years of professional theater, comedy and film experience to the platform to create a remarkable alternative to the typical keynote speech.

Her unique specialty — applying the performing arts to the communications and relationship-building industry — brings together cutting-edge content with comedic performing talent to offer your audience entertainment, laughter and a thoroughly transformative learning experience.

Her show biz credits include: HBO’s “Sex & The City,” Caroline’s comedy club on Broadway, 27 television commercials including a Super Bowl spot, advanced training with legendary mime Marcel Marceau, major news shows, and documentary films with Academy Award winners.

You can bet that clients such as Starbucks, IBM, McDonald’s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Heart Association and New York Life Insurance do not assemble their people at major company events just to be entertained. In each case they saw a unique opportunity to make a dramatic improvement to the productivity, profitability and performance of their people.

Risk Forward™ & The Throughline™ – The Unexpected Path to Creating Your Life’s Best Work

High Content. Entertaining. Interactive. Filled with “Ah Ha” Moments & Actionable Ideas.

What can your business learn from the performing arts? A lot.

From the importance of a clearly defined “Throughline” to “Staging a Meeting”…from understanding “Subtext” to the importance of “Souvenirs” …from “Velcro Communication” to “Story & Script” this event is filled with content and creative ideas from the performing arts to move your team into a class of their own.

Learn stage and screen secrets used by the world’s best actors and directors to Communicate, Connect, and Come Alive…and for those in the business world, to also transform your bottom line.


  • The #1 Mistake Most Communicators Make and How to Fix It
  • 3 Top Techniques to Communicate with Impact
  • The Key Elements that must be present to Engage & Innovate
  • Listening Skills
  • High-Impact, Creative Ways to Communicate Your Value Proposition
  • The Ability for your Team to be Proactive & Take Responsibility
  • And a Reconnection to what Really Matters

The Prism Effect™ – Tap Into Your Hidden Talents To Master Communication

High Energy. Inspiring. And Immediately Applicable.

Are your people as engaged as they could be, tapping into their hidden talents to maximize innovation, productivity and world class communication skills?

Are they taking advantage of the multiple opportunities to stand out in a crowded market? Or building relationships in a unique and compelling way?

In this Keynote Performance™, Victoria will help your team discover and apply their hidden talents and then use those talents to communicate and innovate at higher levels than they ever thought possible. Based on her transformational systems of The Throughline™ and The Prism Effect™, this performance is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Turn your business into art. Place your organization and people in a class of their own.


  • Unique Ideas and Ways to Distinguish Yourself from Competitors
  • Increased Innovation & Creativity
  • Dramatically Improved Communication Skills
  • 3 Types of Verbal Listening
  • Inspiration

Crazy-Busy-Nuts: Communicate & Connect In A Fast Paced World

A Broadway-level customized performance to inspire & entertain your audience.

Does time feel like it’s moving faster and faster? Do you get caught up in the busy day-to-day tasks and lose sight of your larger vision? Learn to stop time.

Think it’s impossible? It’s not.

In this comedic, high content and dynamic performance, Victoria shines a bright light on the challenging issues in your organization and transforms people’s mindset by delivering practical tools for how to cut through the chaos and connect with what truly matters.

Packed with customized humor and cutting-edge techniques, this keynote provides your teams with the specific skills needed to move beyond the “crazy busy” mindset, transform their communications, and lead more productive, meaningful lives.

Comedic. Entertaining. Thought provoking.And profoundly inspiring. 


  • Dramatically Improved Communication Skills
  • Techniques to Keep Current Clients Feeling Connected
  • Practical Tools For “Stopping Time” When Things Get Crazy Busy
  • Engaged Teams
  • Clearer, More Focused and Effective Communications

From crazy busy nuts to stopping time? Think it’s impossible? It’s not. Find out how.


“Victoria is an incredible talent with tremendous energy and creativity. She opened our MDRT Annual Convention and caught the imagination of the whole audience. She will motivate, encourage and excite your audience to visualize their potential. Victoria is a can’t miss option for any program.”
– Guy Baker, MDRT President

“Our advisors leave her sessions feeling uplifted, challenged and armed with practical ideas to help their businesses, their clients and themselves. One of the things I admire most about Victoria has been the effort she puts forth prior to an engagement to get to know her audience. I would strongly endors and recommend Victoria to your organization, regardless of your profession or industry.”
– Michael E. Rigato, Vice President, London Life Insurance

“If you’re looking for an unforgettable speaker experience, I enthusiastically recommend Victoria Labalme. She’ll make you look great! A year later, attendees still reference Victoria’s messages and remember how she made them laugh, cry and best of all, how to make the most of the moment.”
– Sandra Furlong, Manager, Travel Communications, AAA

“We started with an idea to build on the existing corporate brand in our presentation, and as it developed our main concern was how to deliver this all-important message to our audience. Well, we found the way: Victoria Labalme.”
– Tony Paris, President, Visualize Inc., Panasonic

“A tour de force! Thank you for putting together such a whirlwind performance. It was stunning to see you transform the messaging of your material into points that related so well with our technology-minded audience.”
– Tom Taylor, Marketing Manager, Sun Microsystems