Gary M. Kunath

CEO of The Summit Group

Kunath, Gary M.

CEO of The Summit Group
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About Gary Kunath

Gary M. Kunath is the Founder and former CEO of the Summit Group. He grew it to a multi-million dollar global enterprise which was named one of the top sales training companies in the world in the field of value creation by Selling Power magazine. Recognized as a thought leader in the area of creating business value, his value creation approach received the “Innovative Practice of the Year Award” by 3M worldwide. He was named Businessman of the Year for the United States and was formally recognized for this achievement at a dinner hosted by the President of the United States.

He has lectured in the Executive Education and MBA Programs of Duke University’s Fuqua School, Miami University’s Farmer Business School, Emory University, Cornell University, Arizona State University and he is currently an adjunct professor at The Citadel in their Sports Marketing MBA program. He was a faculty member in the executive leadership programs of MARRIOTT, Lockheed, P&G, AT&T, and 3M.

He is an equity partner in Bite Tech; exclusive makers of the Under Armours’ high performance mouth wear. Bite Tech, was named by Fast Company magazine as one of the top ten most innovative companies in sports in the last 100 years, just behind ESPN and Turner Sports.

He is part owner of professional minor league baseball teams along with his partners Bill Murray and Mike Veeck. They are famous for managing their teams around the “Fun is Good” approach. Ranked as one of the top ten best service companies in North America, they are famous for their innovation and creating the customer experience. .

He is author of the book “Life…Don’t Miss It” which shares with people how to maximize happiness, joy and contentment in life. He speaks and delivers seminars on “Mastering Life Balance..Achieving Greatness at Home and at Work”. His approach changes lives. It has been installed at businesses in support initiatives such as employee/family well-being, health & wellness and associate engagement. He was featured in major media outlets to a circulation of over 75 million people worldwide.

Creating Business Value

The talk addresses how to grow your footprint in your customers business through innovation and value creation. It will cover how the very best companies are redefining their ability to redefine the customer experience and to become co-innovators with their top customers. It leverages a Best Practice thinking model called “Third Box Thinking” developed by Gary. This model teaches people to be able to quickly anticipate your customers’ needs and build a value proposition that aligns directly with what matters most to the customer. They will see specifically how leading edge companies have used this approach to drive value and how they can apply this concept immediately to their own sales opportunities to increase both share and margin on every deal. Also covered will be how to drive value that transcends your products/services and how to effectively translate your technical capabilities into business relevance. This value creation approach was awarded innovative practice of the year by 3M globally and is credited with generating over $300 Billion dollars in revenue for the Fortune 500 companies that have standardized on this approach in their sales force transformations.

Sales Innovation

This talk shares how the very best and most creative people think and how they are able to “see around the corner” to innovate and to gain a sustainable edge in business. Gary highlights the successes of his own businesses and how he captured a leadership position in each of the companies he is associated with and shows how everyone can elevate their innovation and creativity to drive sales, margins, customer loyalty and gain a leadership position in business. He has studied how the most creative and inventive people think and he will the actual blueprint for replicating this creativity.

Mastering Life Balance…Achieving Greatness at Home and at Work

This talk has been changing peoples’ lives and Gary delivers a powerful and compelling message on how to achieve life balance and how to maximize joy and contentment in your life both at work and at home. Why pick between loving your home life or your work life when you can love your “whole” life. This talk is based on the book written by Gary Kunath entitled, Life….Don’t Miss It.

People are the foundation to gaining a sustainable competitive advantage and are a crucial factor in the long term success of any company. Focusing on employee/family well-being is critical and serves as the conduit to increasing innovation, emotional loyalty, natural productivity and the customer experience. Employee well-being is very smart business and everyone wins. Current research shows that over 70% of employees today would sacrifice promotions and pay increases for family well – being. Yet only 40% of employees feel their employers demonstrate that they care about them. For any company that values its people and has health and wellness and employee/family well- being initiatives…this session is a MUST!! Gary shows how to achieve a high “Life Worth” by dramatically maximizing the joy and contentment in their professional and personal work lives.

Many think that professional well- being drives personal well- being, but in truth it is exact opposite. Achieving greatness professionally requires that you achieve greatness personally. By elevating the joy and contentment in your own life, you will become more innovative and productive at work and in life. It is important to positively affect your own life before you can truly affect the lives of others.

He will move the audience through laughter and through tears as well as making them think deeply about they can make their entire life better than their “best” vacation. His “Ten Points of Life” outlines a clear path on how to achieve a high life worth and stay connected to what truly matters.

Gary will share the power we all have inside of us to be happy regardless of the situation we may find ourselves in and about how to manage the complexities of life in a way that adds to your life and does not smother it. This talk is a “must” for any business or organization that wants to bring humanity back to the business and show their people just how much they are valued. It is important for organizations to show their people that they care as much about them when they leave the office as they do when they arrive. He will talk about how life worth and not net worth should be your priority. He knows…. because he DID it and is LIVING it!!!

Leading From Within..Achieving Greatness in Yourself and in Those You Lead

As a leader, elevating joy and contentment in your personal life is critical and serves as the conduit to increasing innovation, emotional loyalty and natural productivity of the people that you lead. After all, how can you lead me if you can’t even lead you? Current research shows that over 70% of employees today would sacrifice pay increases and promotions for family well-being. Their focus is clearly outside the organization today more than ever and they are overwhelmed by the complexities of their own lives. He shows how great leaders inspire action and greatness in their people by positively affecting their lives both inside and OUTSIDE the walls of the corporation. Top companies recognize that employee well-being significantly drives profits and positively impacting the joy and contentment in their employees’ personal lives is the true secret to inspiring greatness. Gary shares with you his personal journey and what he has learned about life and work. No one should have to decide between personal and professional life as he shows how it is totally possible to love your whole life. He also shares how these principles were applied to his businesses and the world class results his companies have earned as a result. Achieving life worth and not net worth should be your priority.


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