Larry Kudlow

Economist and Senior Contributor, CNBC

Kudlow, Larry

Economist and Senior Contributor, CNBC
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About Larry Kudlow

Larry Kudlow is senior contributor to CNBC, former host of CNBC’s The Kudlow Report and nationally syndicated radio host of The Larry Kudlow Show. One of the country’s most influential free market economists, he lends viewers a unique perspective gained from many years in Washington and on Wall Street. Kudlow offers his audiences the same economic counsel he has presented to presidents, governors, senators, congressmen, investment firms and think tanks. In his iconic and outspoken style, Kudlow dissects the current political and economic climate and interprets the long- and short-term implications. A nationally syndicated columnist, he is a contributing editor and columnist for National Review Online and the author of American Abundance: The New Economic and Moral Prosperity.

Never Sell America Short: Free-Market Capitalism and the American Economy

The markets are turbulent. The banking systems are faltering. Financial institutions are struggling. And despite these struggles, Larry Kudlow argues that we have been through worse and that we can fix what ails America now. An experienced economist, former government official and unequivocal advocate for the free-market economy, Kudlow knows all of the players on the American financial scene and reassures audiences that current conditions can improve. Kudlow strikes an optimistic tone and says that bailouts and rescue plans are important economic growth tools. In this insightful presentation, Kudlow dissects the political and economic climate and helps audiences understand:

– How taxpayers can benefit from government intervention in the economy
– What steps leaders must take to continue growing the American economy
– How the markets and industry need to work together to strengthen “King Dollar”, fight inflation and attract international business


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