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America's Sales Psychologist

Johnson, Kerry

America's Sales Psychologist
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About Kerry L. Johnson

Kerry L. Johnson, MBA, Ph.D. is a best selling author and speaker who speaks at least 8 times a month ranging from Hong Kong to Halifax, and from New Zealand to New York. Traveling 8,000 miles each week, he speaks on such topics as “How To Read Your Customer’s Mind,” “Marketing to the Affluent,” and ” How To Increase Your Business by 80% within 8 weeks.

In addition to speaking, Kerry heads a personal coaching company. Peak Performance Coaching guarantees a 80% increase in sales production within just a few weeks. Professionals around the world use Dr. Johnson and his coaches to increase business usually by 300% + within only weeks.

Kerry currently writes monthly for fifteen national trade and management magazines whose editors have dubbed him “The Nation’s Business Psychologist.” He is also the author of six best selling books including, MASTERING THE GAME (Louis & Ford), PEAK PERFORMANCE: HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS BY 80% WITHIN 8 WEEKS (Prentice-Hall), and WILLPOWER: THE SECRETS OF SELF-DISCIPLINE. His weekly newsletter THE WINNING EDGE, is read by thousands around the globe on new research on sales psychology.

In the 1970′s, Kerry spent two years competing on the International Grand Prix Tennis Tour. He played both singles and doubles matches against some of the world’s top tennis players. Kerry was also recognized by the U.S. Jaycees as one of the Most Outstanding Men in America.

How To Read Your Customer’s or Client Mind

Most top business owners and executives today mention people skills as critical to increasing their business. Yet most companies spend nearly 100% of available training time discussing the products and the details surrounding the makeup of those saleable goods and services. The truth is that your prospective customers never have and never will make their decision based solely on products or services. They make their decision to buy based on you.

New research conducted at the University of California at San Diego has shown that trust is worth 17% of the gross price of your product or service. This means you can increase your prices by 15% and you won’t lose business. It also means without trust, your customers will leave you for the first discount they find. Unless you have a monopoly, your ability to generate trust is the most profitable skill you will possess.

This program is focused on giving you techniques you can use today to significantly increase your business’ profitability by learning how your customers think. You will walk out of this program with a greater understanding of what your customers want from you and how you can deliver results to them in the way that they will buy it.

Peak Performance- How to Increase Your Business by 80% within 8 Weeks

Research has shown that most salespeople engage in self-defeating behavior that severely limits production. You probably see this every day. Otherwise why would so many salespeople with so much talent end up in mediocrity. Almost 50% of business’ fail due to the owners fear of rejection. According to the Small Business Administration, 85% of the businesses started this year will fail within 2 years. Unfortunately, the same is true of most salespeople. It is rare for a salesperson to become a superstar. Managers only make a guess as to who will succeed and who will be looking for another job next year. But the truth is most salespeople have a working knowledge of how to sell. They just don’t sell well enough to the right people. One of the reasons for this self-sabotage is psychological fear.

In this program you will learn how to get past the self-sabotaging fear which paralyzes most salespeople and turn it into a strength. You will learn ideas to help you set goals and use them by designing your own game plan. How to identify your sales activity and sales averages and incorporate them into a plan that will at least double your income. You will also learn a 8 week plan that will increase your production in a very short period of time.

Sales Magic: How to sell in the New Millenium

Recent psychological research has uncovered powerful yet easy to use techniques that will help you become more effective at closing business. These studies, based on years of university research suggest that the ability to develop and maintain trust is the most important skill a sales professional can have. It is the prime reason why a select few achieve peak performance and high production in spite of economic conditions and poor markets. Yet trust is not just an abstract concept.

Your ability to gain trust is 4 times more important to your client than market performance. Trust is also worth a whopping 17% of the fees your client pays. There are specific techniques you can learn to gain anyone’s trust at any time. This step by step presentation will give you skills necessary to sell the way people want to buy instead of how you want to sell.

Marketing to the Affluent

The average American family now makes $38,000 a year, has 2 kids and 1 dog. Lives in a house worth less than $186,000. The average American family buys a car every 5 years and/ or leases one every 3 years. They have $20,000 in an investment vehicle of some kind but don’t yet have a financial plan for retirement. They don’t think social security will be around when they retire yet saves less than 3% of what they make and have more than $7,000 in credit card debt. They look like they have money. But if you market to them, you will spin your resource wheels and make very little compensation.

Only 5% of America makes more than $100,000 a year. 1% of Americans make more than $250,000 a year. Yet these better heeled breed are keenly aware of their finances and are careful about their investments. Most tend to be business owners instead of physicians. Married instead of single. Most have kids and grandkids. Yet few own boats and wouldn’t even consider owning a house worth more than $275,000. They are more likely to drive a pick up truck than a Rolls Royce. They don’t entertain cold calls from sales people and are unlikely to belong to a country club. Selling to these high net worth investors is extremely profitable to financial advisors who know the secrets to how they buy. Yet if you sell these big hitters like any other prospect, they will reject you. 93% of those who left a financial advisor in the last year didn’t walk because of low investment return. They left because the advisor didn’t know how to communicate and sell the way the affluent investor buys. This is America’s new breed of affluent investor. If you know how to find them, how they buy, and how to build a relationship with them, this market will be very profitable for you.

The Trust Connection: Mastering the Art of Business Relationships

If you are like many top executives, you are likely to spend 90% of your training time learning about the technical issues of your job. Only 10% of your training time is spent learning about people. Yet 90% of what you do everyday involves dealing with people and 10% concerns technical matters. This boils down to the fact that many of those involved in management are good at managing things but poor leaders of people. The Trust Connection is focused toward helping you become more productive by learning how to get things done through people.

Recent psychological research has uncovered powerful yet easy to use techniques that will help leaders become better communicators and more effective motivators. These studies, based on work done at the University of California at Santa Cruz, suggest that the ability to communicate is the most important interpersonal skill a leader can have. And the most important aspect of communication is trust. It is the prime reason why a select few achieve peak performance and high productivity from the people who work for and with them. They are great cheerleaders, giving people they work with much of the credit and praise for their success. Yet trust is not just an abstract concept. There are step by step techniques available to give leaders the skills necessary to lead people the way they want to be lead and thereby improve their performance.


“I must admit that after reading your book and getting to know you a bit personally, I anticipated a good live performance. But you truly exceeded my expectations. I cannot remember a speaker who received more praise from our group of people.”
– Richard Hogue, Vice President, Century 21 International

“Even though a week has expired since you presented your seminar to our coaching staff, we are still talking about your presentation. You made the subject matter interesting, consumerable, and exciting”
– George Raveling, Former Head Coach, USC Basketball Team

“The attendees raved about the material, your presentation, and your humor”
– Judith Fischer, Program Chair, National Association Of Women Business Owners

“You were the best speaker we have ever had at a conference. Your message was superb, your delivery extraordinary”
– Murray Whitehorn, CLU, C.H.F.C., J.E. Martin, Marketing Vice President, Canada Life Assurance Company

“I have never witnessed a speaker with your powerful ability to capture an audience. I was astounded at the way in which the audience became completely involved with your presentation. I truly believe that you have that magical ability to communicate with individuals that very few speakers possess.”
– Cal. K. Clemmons, CAE. Executive Director, Fire Suppressions Systems Association

“Without a doubt, yours was the most heavily attended and the most spirited audience of all the main speakers at our conference. Your presentation was entertaining, participatory, and educational – What more