Robert Genetski

Premier Interest Rate Forecaster and Investment Advisor

Genetski, Robert

Premier Interest Rate Forecaster and Investment Advisor
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About Robert Genetski

Dr. Robert Genetski has a rare combination of business and academic experience.  He is a world-renowned economist, consultant, teacher, author and popular speaker. For the past 25 years, as the head of his own consulting firm, he has provided his clients with valuable insights to the financial implications of various policy developments. 

Genetski received his Ph.D. in economics from New York University and has taught economics at various institutions including New York University, and at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.

As one of the nation’s leading advocates of free market classical principles, he has written five books on the subject.  His latest book, Rich Nation, Poor Nation, provides extensive historical evidence showing how poor nations become rich, and how rich nations lose their wealth.

Two of Genetski’s previous books, Winning with Money, and Classical Principles & the Wealth of Nations, have been translated into Japanese and Chinese. Genetski has been recognized as one of the top five speakers in the field of economics and finance.  He entertains tens of thousands of people each year, using humor and anecdotes to make complex economic issues understandable to all.

Outlook for the Economy and Financial Markets

Dr. G uses humor and anecdotes to explain how classical economic principles can help us anticipate where the economy and financial markets are heading. The presentation looks at upcoming government policy changes and how they are likely to impact various parts of the economy. The presentation can be altered to focus on specific areas of the economy to accommodate different audiences.

Global Economic Developments and Their Implications

This presentation focuses on the dynamic changes occurring throughout the world in terms of policies, growth and financial markets. Dr. G explains what is driving these changes and the implications they have for our future.

Forecasting Financial Market Developments

This presentation deals with the key factors that determine movements in financial markets. Dr. G explains the key elements that determine both long-term and short-term movements in interest rates and stock prices. The presentation presents some of Genetski’s original research into interest rate and stock market behavior.

Creating a Nation of Millionaires

This presentation is based on his popular book—A Nation of Millionaires. It examines policy changes that would turn the lowest paid worker in the country into a millionaire.
In addition to these presentations, Dr. Genetski can create speeches and seminars on specific economic and financial topics that may be of particular interest to your group.


“Our Wealth Management’s “Exceptional Exchange of Financial Insights” was a marvelous success in large part because of your presentation. It was full of your charisma, optimism and most importantly, expert analysis and explanation of classic economic principles. Every one of our guests was delighted with your remarks, as were we. According to our evaluation forms, everyone found your insights stimulating, timely and informative. Everything ranked at the highest marks. I expect you get this input regularly, but still felt compelled to share it with you.”
– Sharon R. D’Alessandro, The Private Bank and Trust Company

“Everyone I talked with spoke highly of the value of what you had to say, and encouraged the Program Advisory Committee to work harder to find more speakers with equally important information for our members.”
– Rand Baldwin, Aluminum Extruders Council

“I want to say thank you for the talk to the AVDA group the first of last week. I would like you to know I had great reviews on your talk. The subject of the talk was just right for that group.”
– Bill Stovell, American Veterinary Distributors Association

“Your participation was one of the crowning points of the morning. Over and over again people have been asking, “How can we top this year’s Annual Meeting?” You have laid quite a challenge for us to come up with just half as good a speaker for next year as you were….”
– Marlene Tegmeyer, Elmhurst Economic Development Council