Tom Connellan

NYT Best-Selling Author

Connellan, Tom

NYT Best-Selling Author
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About Tom Connellan

Why did Selling Power magazine identify Tom as one of seven “tough talking and truth telling” keynote speakers?

Answer: Because Tom helps you build sustainable profits and the only way to do that is to be a straight shooter.

And that’s why companies like GE, Marriott, FedEx, Neiman Marcus and others regularly use Tom to keynote meetings. Tom doesn’t yell and scream, but on the other hand, he doesn’t hold back. He tells it like it is in an engaging and energizing fashion.

If you’re looking for a great keynote speaker to open your next meeting, Tom probably belongs on your short list of possibilities. Look over these five “Tom-Connellan-at-a-glance” points and see if they match what you want.

1. Captivating Presenter. Participants sense Tom’s passion and enthusiasm right away. Because his presentations are fast-paced, entertaining, and informative, he keeps everyone fully engaged from start to finish.

2. Integrator. Because Tom integrates his how-to-content with your CEO’s opening comments, points made by other internal and external speakers, your meeting theme, and your overall business strategy he’s earned a reputation as a High ROI keynote speaker. One who makes sure that change takes place back on the job.

3. Depth of Knowledge. Because Tom is a former Program Director at the Michigan Business School’s Executive Education program, you know he’ll bring lots of depth and solid content to your meeting.

4. Breadth of Experience. As a company founder and former CEO, he knows first-hand what it takes to grow a business. Because Tom started a service company in the health care field and built it into a network of 1200 instructors servicing 300 hospitals and most of the Fortune 500 firms. More than 1,000,000 people participated in these programs. Because Tom knows what it’s like to be on the firing line of business and your audience will connect with this practical experience.

5. Solid Credentials. Tom’s clients include such diverse organizations as Marriott, FedEx, Neiman Marcus, Sony, GE, and the military. He’s been the Editorial Director of four leadership and human resource magazines, a first level supervisor, and a company president. He’s a best-selling business author whose books have been on major lists. Inside the Magic Kingdom is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Bringing out the Best in Others! is a New York Times Bestseller; it also reached #1 on Amazon’s business, leadership, coaching and relationship bestseller lists.

What does it all mean?

By now, you probably have a good sense that when you select Tom, you’ll get more than a great keynote speaker with solid content. You’ll get a strategic partner committed to moving your enterprise forward.

Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

This presentation shows you why customers are tougher today and what you need to do about it right away. It’s tied in part to Tom’s Wall Street Journal Bestseller Inside the Magic Kingdom (which describes how Disney creates exceptional customer experiences and how you can do the same).

His basic premise about brands and customers is that “a brand does not and cannot exist separately from your customer’s experience.” As Tom puts it, “your customer’s experience is your brand!”

Participants see how creating an exceptional customer experience builds both a winning brand and a winning bottom line. They learn the five different levels of loyalty and what it takes to move customers from one to the next.

Tom takes you behind the scenes at companies that create world-class customer experiences. He combines that with the latest research to show you how to capture the hearts and minds of your customers. He and his partners have conducted research covering more than 110,000 customer transactions. This solid background assures that your participants will receive meaningful content they can use right away.

Turbulent Times Leadership

Based upon Tom’s New York Times Bestseller Bringing Out the Best in Others, this presentation shows your leadership team how to keep everyone fully engaged, highly motivated, and performing well in a challenging environment.

Because he combines his research into high performance with his experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, he delivers actionable ideas that can be put to use immediately.

Tom’s research on high performance over the last twenty years has covered astronauts, CEO’s, Rhodes Scholars, female world leaders, manufacturing operations, top students, top performing sales reps, military achievers, U.S. presidents, and others.

Making Exceptional Things Happen in a Changing World

We live in an increasingly upside-down world. To quote the great sage Yogi Berra, “even the future ain’t what it used to be.” The scope, complexity, and rate of change is increasing in virtually every organization. Yet, individuals at all levels must keep focused on producing results – even in the face of greater instability.

This presentation is based upon Tom’s next book – The 1% Solution TM. It incorporates some of his research into Olympic Gold Medal Winners. Tom found that in the men’s downhill at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, for example, the difference between first place and fourth place was 1.08 seconds or .9%. In all Olympic events, the difference between a gold medal and no medal averages about 1%. Between 1st and 10th place, the average is about 2%.

Whether it’s sales reps, manufacturing directors, engineers, entrepreneurs, or others, the key to building sustainable profits in an upside down world lies not in trying to be 100% better than your competition; it lies in simply being 1% better in everything you do.

Best of all, by researching Olympic athletes, Tom’s uncovered a unique way business leaders in a high pressure situation can jump-start performance within 72 hours. Tom coined the term “Behavioral Leverage” to describe this process.

If you’re looking for ways to help your audience keep forward momentum strong in turbulent times, let go of the old and embrace the new, this presentation is a good choice for you.


“Anyone who has heard Tom Connellan speak knows why the One Minute Manager’s acknowledgments section carries a Special Praising for Tom and his captivating presentation style. He’s dynamic, entertaining, informative, and practical. A real pro!”
– Ken Blanchard, Co-Author, The One Minute Manager

“My coaching staff and I had a chance to listen to Tom Connellan. I personally derived a great deal from it. He’s an outstanding motivator and teacher. Through his humor and examples, he brings it down to a level where you can really develop from it.”
– Lou Holtz, Legendary Football Coach

“…not many have your ability to speak eloquently and passionately about customer focus and then answer tough questions from top management for 45 minutes. With this second session, you’ve now touched the top 185 people at Neiman’s…response both times was outstanding.”
– Gerald A. Sampson, President, Neiman Marcus

“…provided an analytical framework to help focus our lean manufacturing initiatives on delivering increased value to our customers…your knowledge and passion about what it really means to capture and deploy the voice of the customer clearly sets a new standard for leadership practices.”
– Karl Krapek, President, Pratt ‘ Whitney

“…Deceptively powerful delivery style that captured the hearts and minds of our top 300 people and took their already intense customer focus to a new level…brought breadth, depth, and new meaning to the issue of customer loyalty.”
– John Cone’, Vice President of Dell Learning, Dell Computer Corporation

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation at our C.M.C. Incentive meeting. The participants were still marveling over it the last day. Few speakers have your unique ability to present such practical how-to information in such an entertaining fashion.”
– James R. Getscher, Vice President, Mutual of Omaha