Don Blohowiak

Leadership Speaker

Blohowiak, Don

Leadership Speaker
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About Don Blohowiak

Don Blohowiak has held executive management posts in South California, Milwaukee, Denver, Detroit, and New York City with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and not-for-profits.

He assists a wide variety of organizations to successfully improve performance and productivity. Don provides customized programs and consulting on: Leadership, Change, Hiring, Creating a Culture of Service, Workplace Effectiveness (including Teamwork), and Priorities Management.

Don is the author of six renowned management books which are distributed around the world. Honors include being named “One of the Top 10 Management Books of the Year” by Industry Week, numerous executive endorsements, and translations into Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

Don is the founder and editor of “The Productive Leader” newsletter published by The Economics Press. He is also publisher of The Leader’s Letter (an electronic newsletter on leadership and management productivity), and a contributor to The Panel of Experts for First-Rate Customer Service published by The Economics Press.

Don is frequently quoted by the news media regarding employee motivation, productivity, and marketing success strategies. He has been honored by his industry peers as the “Creative Marketer of the Year.”

Creating truly customized presentations, Don employs a specific, defined preparation process which includes extensive research and interviews, and online surveys.

He integrates audience involvement, humor, fresh insights, and take-home tools for immediate application. As a value-added service, Don assists with conference and program design and planning for a superb event at no additional charge.

Lead Others to Greatness

Managers leave this intense, interactive workshop armed with the understanding and tools to get their staff to outthink and outwork competitors while working smarter, harder and happier–even when the pressure is on.

Managers receive a tremendous wealth of breakthrough thinking and tactics to help them meet the outrageous demands placed on them with extraordinary performance. A manager’s staff performs to the level of their manager. To have a better performing group of employees, give them better–more leaderful–bosses.

This content can also be presented as an inspiring opening or closing keynote address for a management conference.

Reorganized? Restructured? Reengineered? Here’s How to Get the Work Done!

Participants leave with numerous tactics for enabling themselves and their staff members to produce more High-Value/High-Impact work amid wild Change. They’ll learn how to get the best from employees, even when conditions are turbulent and resources are tight. Attendees receive helpful tools to assure that they crank-out more work-that-matters while eliminating make-work!

With Integrity

Participants leave with a clear framework for making ethical decisions so they can act in accord with principled values. Even in the face of significant pressure and great temptations.

Using realistic case studies, small group discussions, and an easy to follow method, managers learn how to transcend rather meaningless, and not very helpful, platitudes such as Just do the right thing. Participants leave this highly interactive seminar ready to employ a simple but very powerful structured process for applying your organization’s principles to their everyday decisions and actions.

(Note: If your organization does not have a defined Statement of Principles ‘ Values, we can help you create one that is both meaningful and effective in shaping your associates’ behavior.)The net result: Managers execute ethically — consistently without agonizing guesswork. So they will enjoy their jobs more, and do them with more pride and less stress.

Mastering Radical Change: How to Stay Sane While Going Crazy

Participants leave with fresh insights into today’s turbulent employment environment. In an interactive setting, attendees explore their personal career issues in depth, and receive a copy of the essay, The Ten Tenets of the New Social Contract Between Organizations and Employees.

Attendees leave with no fewer than 50 proven tactics for lowering stress and increasing personal effectiveness both on the job and off, as well as having a framework for completing their personal mission statements.
This is a useful presentation for organizations in the throes of a stressful Radical Change (shrinkage, growth, merger).

Creating a Culture that Creates Loyal Customers

Participants learn how to make Customer Satisfaction ‘ Loyalty the competitive differentiator to help your organization stand apart from all competitors.

Topics include: The Success Triad: Quality, Teamwork ‘ Customer Satisfaction; Surviving your customer’s “Instants of Absolute Judgment”; Creating profitable loyalty at little, maybe even no additional cost; Hiring service-minded people who make all the difference; Motivating employees for meaningful and memorable service performance; and much, much more!


“I want to compliment your advance preparation. You knew our players, our terminology, our issues, our challenges and our successes. In every sense you were part of our team, not just an outside observer with a canned presentation. Your insights provided us with takeaway ideas and methods that will enhance our skills, our professionalism…”
– United Airlines

“Don Blohowiak is the perfect blend of businessman, intellectual, and comedian.”
– Senior Executive, AT&T