Cathrine Ann

From Skid Row to Mahogany Row

Ann, Cathrine

From Skid Row to Mahogany Row
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About Cathrine Ann

Cathrine Ann’s credentials include quitting school after completing grade eight when she was fifteen and pregnant, along with having more jobs than she can remember; the majority of which, she was fired from.

After enduring a childhood of poverty and neglect and being raised by alcoholic parents, she overcame more challenges and obstacles in her life than might seem humanly possible or fair.

Being a young mother without a formal education or positive role model and suffering from ADD and a learning disability, she eventually found herself in jail, on probation, and doing whatever she could to survive and as she puts it, “continually trying to even the odds” for what she didn’t get or have growing up, including an education.

Through all her highs and mostly lows, she even tried to become a Medical Doctor. Forging University transcripts helped get her into a prestigious Medical College, but when it was discovered that she had “embellished” her transcripts, she did what she always did when in trouble – she fled – right into the arms of the mob and a street life, that was just about as ruthless and low as a human being could possibly go.

When she turned 40, Cathrine met a man who was the first person in her life to ever believe in her and her dreams of doing better – even starting her own business. It was then that she went from living a life of despair, to having a life that she could only otherwise dream of living.

Cathrine credits her many struggles and challenges, with her eventual success in becoming a multi-award winning entrepreneur and celebrated Canadian business leader.

As the President of a multi-million dollar organization, Consumer Connection Inc., she helps clients increase revenue and market share, by specially designing programs that work to meet or surpass their customer service objectives (Mystery Shopping, Employee Incentive Programs, Employee Training Programs, Competitive Analysis and Customer Service Seminars).

As a much-in-demand inspirational speaker, and now an author, Cathrine’s one in a million true rags to riches story will continue to deeply touch the lives and hearts of audiences and readers from all walks of life, and her message couldn’t come at a better time.

Cathrine’s mantra is: Dream it. Believe it. Be it.

Cathrine’s Personal Rags to Riches Story

Homeless, Unemployed and Broke, into Multi-Business Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Highly Acclaimed Inspirational Speaker, Author and Millionaire!

Cathrine Ann’s personal story is truly rags to riches. She went from being homeless, broke and unemployed, into a Canadian business leader, heading a multi-million dollar organization that provides contract work to thousands. She has since won numerous entrepreneurial awards including the prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction award. As a child and young adult, Cathrine endured countless debilitating circumstances that might have otherwise lead to a life of despair. Instead, Cathrine overcame them all and prospered.

Cathrine takes her audiences through a whirlwind of life experiences from being a scared little girl to becoming a prosperous, strong and vibrant woman. Her message is an important one for all audiences, one that will be remembered forever. Her story deeply touches audiences from all walks of life.


“What an inspirational story you have!”
– Robert Herjavec, CEO, The Herjavec Group, and star of TV’s The Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank.

“Your story is truly amazing…the success of the 6th annual International Women’s Leadership Conference was due in large part to the addition of your unique story, personal passion and words of wisdom.”
– Governor Linda Lingle, Hawaii

“If there is any way to personify success through perseverance then Cathrine Ann is a model example. Cathrine shares success strategies, survival skills and real case studies from her own life story, with her audience. Cathrine’s motivation and drive comes from within. She is a woman who keeps trying to move forward, and that is important to her – that is also what inspires others. Cathrine is a strong advocate of community service and she has committed to living life generously to ensure that the poor, marginalized and broken are not left behind.”
– Opportunity International

“That which does not break us makes us stronger’ is a familiar saying that truly defines Cathrine Ann…I wish every girl and every women had the privilege of being in her company, if only for a short time. Her story is truly moving and memorable!”
– Doreen Cunneen, Vice President, Toronto Board of Trade Producer, Empowing Women

“Cathrine Ann has a rare intuition about people and an uncanny ability to understand what makes us all tick in our personal lives as well as in the workplace…after hearing her personal story and subsequent life lessons, it motivates others to think about ways they too can overcome challenges and work towards becoming a greater success!”
– Retail BC